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 The silk collective | Konstantinos Tsioris, Tufts University

from SaCrIt

Art and science are both abstractions of the commonly and humanly perceivable. Both use a privileged language of expression.


This was my initial response to reading a blog post by Lizzie Crouch on science, art and emotion a couple of days ago. Lizzie was talking about the tendency for science to be experienced and thought of as cerebral, and art to be thought of as more emotional – science naturally ‘feeds’ the head, while art seems to ‘feed’ the soul. Can either be enhanced by borrowing some of the qualities from the other?

Science can definitely be humanised – whether that is in the anthropomorphic sense, or just in terms of the relevance of an abstract concept to human life. But can science be expressed in a further abstracted form – as art? Science is already abstracted from what…

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